Monday, September 29, 2014

Week 61 / All is Well in Celje

Holly and her new Companion
Zdravo FAMILY! I am alive!

This week we had to travel to Zagreb to pick up our new trainees and it was Sestra Jones, Sestra Brown, Elder Dearinger, Elder Lyman, and I. We all were thinking of what was about to happen and how we were going to plan for this up coming week. We all were pretty excited to pick up our new companions. We got to Zagreb and we had to wait for some time because the "Goldies" were still in the air coming here to Croatia. All of us, Slovenians gathered around and began to plan and study. We didn't know what was ahead but we wanted to be ready. When we were told the new missionaries would be here in thirty minutes, so all of us went into a room and got some hymn books out and began to sing. We all were just singing and laughing and the Spirit was warm and it really felt like a family being in that small room getting ready to bring more into our little "home". When the new missionaries arrived I ran in to give them all a hug. We had seen their pictures before we actually met them and something whispered that Sestra Dutton was mine. I walked in and spotted her and I kind of was taken off guard with how much I knew she was mine. I already felt like I knew her and the strings that tied us together finally were closing in. We were given a random companion for a short time to go out into the streets and contact in Croatia.

I was pumped and took one of the new missionaries from Slovenia. I told her to follow the spirit and let it guide her to the right people. We passed a park and were talking to people along the way. I saw from the corner of my eye a large group of teenagers. I was drawn to them. I told my companion that we should go for it. We both looked at each other and I started to walk towards them. They kind of backed up when I went into the middle of all of them, and I began to speak to them. They couldn't understand Slovene so I switched into English and they said it was one of their friend's birthdays. I told them that I had a gift for them. I handed them a BOM and talked to them for a good twenty minutes about how much happiness the BOM brought into my live. They were all loving it and was happy to be talking to us. By the end, I was giving them all fist bumps and being friends with them. My companion and I were on fire and we placed a few more BOM and it was a fantastic experience to get the new missionary pumped for this work. I kept giving her thumbs up and thinking how wonderful this new group is and just what a difference they are going to make in Slovenija.

When we found out who we were training I knew it from the start and I was happy to find out my new companion would be Sestra Dutton. She was so sincere and sweet and I loved how she distributed love and kindness to those around her. I feel really at peace and happy with the things the Lord has planned for us out here. We came home that night with all the Slovenes and we got home safely and made contacts there. For the past few days we have been having many miracles and talking to as many people as possible. We are finding our routes and how not to get lost. Although I must say... I kind of like it. We run into the funniest people when we are adventuring. We ran into a old man who asked us our names and he rubbed his beard and started taking something out of his pocket when he was checking out our name tags. I was a little nervous until I noticed it was just a magnify glass. That is how he reads books and the articles on the Internet apparently. I like him. My companion was so courageous and talked to everyone and gave away a BOM to a man that was helping us one day. We went to someones house the other day and they weren't home and we began to walk when I noticed a familiar face. It was the person's son we were trying to meet! We talked to him for a while and then we just started running into people and members and talked and got a lot of work done. It was so nice to see everything work out for us because we were doing the Lord's work. I really like seeing a new perspective, a new out look and I only want to be doing my best, working my hardest so that my companion and the people here can see the miracles of God unfold. I am happy and am excited to see what is in-store. One of our newest members went finding with us and the elders Saturday night and it was literally the funniest thing in the world. He was so bold and asking everyone to read the BOM. I love where I am at right now in my life. In all aspects it is something that is really good. I feel like I will grow a lot, that my time here will count and my companion and I will make a difference. I love this work and I hope everything is going well for all of you and the wedding plans. Keep boogieing and grooving to your own beats. Love you

Sestra Cuthbert

*While Holly was in-between Companions this past week she was able to spend time with some of her old companions. Together again. Sestra Brown, Sestra Cuthbert and Sestra Burton. They had fun together.

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