Monday, October 6, 2014

Week 62 / Let there be Light

 Hey Everyone,

My heart is full of gratitude.

Here in my new area we have really amazing members. They are very incredible individuals that have the biggest hearts and have the spirits of giants. During this last Sunday meeting I felt God's love so strongly for these people and for me. I couldn't help it during the closing hymn, I closed my eyes and gave thanks for the opportunity to serve here in such a great district. A few members we had met earlier that week- bore their testimonies and expressed their gratitude for Sestra Dutton and I - for showing them love that week. I whispered translation to Sestra Dutton as they expressed to her (specifically) gratitude over the pulpit and before the meeting started that she was doing an incredible job and I felt so lucky and blessed to have her. That she is doing already so much here. I hope she knows that.

We sang on Saturday with the Elders and we drew people's attention on the busy little streets in the center. We felt good about our efforts and saw again someone we had met before from the previous day. The very next day he walked into the church and sat in for Sacrament meeting. I beamed at my companion knowing her "Goldie powers" were working up some real miracles. One of the members that bore his testimony on Sunday stated he had been baptized ten years ago and how he was so grateful for this church and how he wouldn't know where he would be without it. He is such a strong member and powerful teacher and when he bore his testimony I was so grateful that he had come into the church because I don't know what we would do without him.

Sestra Dutton had her first Kebab this week and she is absolutely in-love with it. I couldn't help but laugh as her face got so messy from that giant thing!! Kebabs are beasts and it is really great to spend time with her and get to learn more about her and I love her a little more everyday. I really love our companionship and how we both go off of our feelings and how the Spirit touches us in the same ways.

In our apartment we have a billion pictures of the temples and I am literally in awe of it all. It seriously just makes me believe that we are the luckiest people in the world to have God's temples in our lives. I'm pretty sure it's going on my bucket list to try to visit every temple in the world. I love the thought of that and how good it will be to go inside again someday.

I got to hear a few talks from General Conference yesterday and I was so excited to hear about Elder Uchtdorf's talk and how he described about space and it's glory. It was nice to know we were rocking the same kind of metaphors and I could relate to what he was saying about stars and light. I thought about if anything seems dimmed, out of focused, and dark in our lives.. It can be looked at again. The Gospel is our telescope and all the actions of good and love will turn the lenses so that we can see the picture of our lives more clearly, we can see more light, we can see more stars, and realize the universe is full of light. It's enough and always more coming. The future is bright with the light of Christ. When Jesus was crucified on the cross the world became dark and it was hard to see as clearly as they did before, but when Jesus was resurrected the light again appeared into our world and again we could see. The sun and the light that we see is a good reminder that God and Jesus Christ are our light. That as long as we see the light's beams we may always have the knowledge that Our Savior lives and He is showing us our greatest future by lighting the way.

I love you all so much. Have a good week and give Laurel, Parker and Ivy a big kiss and hug for me! I am happy for you all and pray for your hearts to become ever so full daily.

Sestra Cuthbert

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