Monday, October 13, 2014

Week 63 / Charge is Hard, but Change is Good

Dear Family,

As I was glimpsing at the photos today of Laurel's wedding I felt a utter peace and joy for my sister. I looked at each one and felt like the man she was marrying was hers. He was made for her and her for him and I looked at them both and couldn't help but have a love for him already. Hope they are well and happy! Send them my love, please. I am excited to meet Laurel's new hubby someday!

This past week was really full of laughter. We were walking one night and we passed by a young lad who was trudging a long with his bike in the dark. We called out, '' Dober Večer'' and then kept walking making our way back towards home. When we were a little distance away I couldn't help but get a feeling to turn around. I looked back and he had stopped, still in the same place we greeted him at, staring at us. I started walking some more, but again I was pulled back to turn around once again. I called to him asking if he needed help and he yelled back a decline. So I turned back again, trying to understand what my heart was telling me. I began to start walking again when I still had a tug at my heart, ''Go to him''.  We immediately went back to him and began to talk. He was interested what we were doing here and his friend came up to us too and wanted to talk. We all began to start talking and bearing our testimony. These two kids were 17 year-olds and they wanted to hear more... I was blown away with gratitude that the Lord was blessing us. After we met them, Sestra Dutton and I were very happy and doing a boogie in our apartment!

We got to see a lot of new faces this week and learn a lot from zone conference. The work is moving forward here and it's nice to see the new ideas and strategies that are making us more effective as missionaries. It's nice to see the growth of our zone and it's love here with in our zone. We are all one family and it's nice to see how all the missionaries are doing and gathering miracles everyday.

We helped with one of our members with her garden and doing service for our rocking members in different ways. I seriously love the members here. I really want to work more with them in bringing more people into the church. They are so prepared and ready and I want to show them how great they are and how much I believe in them, but also how much God believes in them. This Sunday we got some of our in-actives to come back that haven't been to church forever. The other member's faces when they saw one of them walk through the doors was priceless. They all warmly greeted and smiles beamed throughout the room.

It was Elder Davis's birthday this week and we got to make him a cake and buy him a kebab. It was fun to celebrate his birthday and be thankful for these small but huge moments when we realize we are alive that we were born into this beautiful world and where we are at now. We have come so far and it's cool to see how much we are really growing and becoming one with God's love for us.

This week in the scriptures I have been reading a lot about faith and particularly the seed analogy. I thought we must go and know for ourselves. We are the seeds and the soil is the nourishing love of God. That once it surrounds you, you are safe, you are enveloped in God's love and it fills our souls and lets us grow.

Change is hard because it's the most realest thing you ever have to do. You feel like you can't make it, but you can. We still stumble and sometimes we switch back to our old ways. And yet, it doesn't suffice because we are stopping ourselves from growing.  Stopping ourselves from being who we truly are. We think if we give up willingly that then there will be no pressure, no conflict, but you will have the conflict in you. We must be honest with ourselves. Heavenly Father is happy with you and that you are trying. You are precious to him. And he knows you deserve the best.  So these hard experiences are only magnifying you. These experiences are giving you opportunities to conquer and achieve something greater. To see the positive to and fro and to grow more as the sons and daughters of our loving Heavenly Father. Who we are.... Is probably the question we will spend forever trying to answer and comprehend ourselves. We just need to be us. You just need to be you. You are loved. You are adored. You can grow... Trust in Heavenly Father. He will always come through. Why are we nervous or scared? Because we are close... That is why. You are so close to making something happen. You have angels near you, among you. You will be protected. There is sunshine in everyday. I know this to be true and I know that through the Savior we can see with different eyes, we can humble ourselves and lean on him to guide. We have hard experiences to show us that things aren't perfect and we can't change it to be perfect, but we can change how we view it and view it with compassion, love, and a positive outlook. I am grateful for all the moments of my life both good and bad for it's taking me to my final destiny, my final happiness. It has been a real gift to me and I hope my roots get deeper and deeper in this gospel.

I love you all so much family, thank you for your support. I'd like to welcome in Alexander to the family. "The force is strong in this one." I like him! So happy for the married couple and you all! Be happy and look at change with all your love!

Sestra Cuthbert

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