Monday, October 20, 2014

Week 64 / Darth Vader, Flowers and Stairs

Greetings Comrades,

Today, while I was studying I looked up above me to see my parents picture, (The one where mom is dressed up as Darth Vader and dad is a Jedi Knight) and thought, ''Yep, that is my parents.'' You both rock my world and I am so happy to hear from you right now and hear the good news from this past week.

I admit lately I have been listening to Prince of Egypt CD and it is literally the best music in the world! Especially when I listen to the song, ''Let My People Go''. It gets me so pumped, I feel like that sometimes walking on the streets of Slovenija. Let my people go, devil!

Sestra Dutton and I found out this week that we have a juicer in our house. I began one morning to just start juicing everything in sight and began to reenact the juice weasel clip from Jim Carey. I couldn't help myself. We were just laughing and laughing. I really love our companionship because we laugh a lot, we fall to the floor and our stomachs ache afterwards and it always is the best moments. We have a lot of those moments through out our days here.

This week we were given flowers and we decided we would go contacting with them and give it to someone. We saw a young girl sitting on a bench and she looked about our age. We walked over to her and the first thing that came out of my mouth was, '' Somebody out here loves you.'' She was surprised by us and she began to talk to us and we actually sat down and got to have a discussion with her. She was warmed by us reaching out because she had missed her train and she didn't know anyone or what to do. We were happy to help her and we walked away feeling full of love and discussed that love is what people need here and if you speak it to them you already start off by meeting new people like you have known them all your life. It clicks, it connects. You will find someone who was searching for you, for God. For His love that is building inside us. God works with us and is preparing us day by day with love and once it grows and we seek for Him more and more we become sensitive to others, we begin to want to help others, and love one another. Because we begin to over flow and we can't contain and hold it for ourselves. Our cups are not meant to be half full or half empty but over flowing that we begin to distributing to other people, and other cups in our lives. The small drops of goodness do make a difference. We fill our glasses, we empty them, but with God they can always be filling. I truly believe this. I have been encountering many sorts of people and different lives and perspectives that help me see the true beauty of each individual. I see the good and the bad and I just feel like all of it is a gift, what ever comes my way I can become stronger, I can experience new things, see new places, and love new people. Some days are hard and some days we want to turn back but the courage and love of moving forward towards the sun is the best choice I have ever made in my life. Not that now I turn to the sun and this gospel that things have now been easier or relaxing for any matter, but that it has been worth it. It has awakened me, it is showing me  who I am and that we are all simply adored by our Savior.

The autumn here is incredible, it feels surreal and the skies and air are something to look forward to everyday. The sun has been kind and lighting our days with warmth and it feels good walking outside and realizing it's the start of something new. I can feel the sunshine from you, my dear family and I can feel the love that is beaming my way. It is real and it is good.

The Lord thinks we are cool kids and he is really proud of us. I was really happy to go to Ljubljana this week to see a lot of members at district conference. I got to hug my dear friends and the families I taught when I was in their designated areas. We also got our two investigators to come up with us and it was incredible to see the growth in them as well. One of our investigators told us he would never dress up and never come to church in nice clothes. But, lo and behold the man shows up in nice clothes for church. Sestra Dutton and I were beaming from ear to ear.

I have been walking a lot on stairs lately and one day I just stopped and thought - Some of my most favorite memories are on stairs. I remember my mother singing to me, ''You are my Sunshine'' on the stairs, or where my brother needed comfort, or when my dad held me close when I was a sick child and he was helping me take my medicine, or walking up some staircase at school and looking up and seeing a long lost friend, or the time I needed a lift and someone came running down to the rescue. Those stairs were God's tender mercies. Memories that I hold dear. I find it funny how the most tiniest details in life that we seem to let go by unnoticed - like stairs could mean so much to a person. But, it does. Everything holds value to someone, and everything holds someones heart. Be kind to those around you, be kind to the table that stubs your toe, be kind to the bee that danced your way, or the rain that falls on our crowns. Each part, each detail is loved, we are loved... and how remarkable it all is.

Love each one of you and all the details that make you, you. Have a good week.

Loads of love,
Sestra Cuthbert

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