Monday, November 3, 2014

Week 66 / Castle Trip

Julian Alps at Sunset

I have to admit I feel so good about Parker's call for his mission. I know it is from the Lord and he is going to be amazing and change the lives of people in Pittsburgh but also his own. I just wanted to say congrats little brother. The Lord and I see you as the coolest kid around. I love you and am so proud.

This week we were invited by a member who just barely got off his mission. He made us lunch and talked to us about the work and was just boosting us up. He is such a cool member and what he said inspired me and helped all of us missionaries believe we were doing what is right and we just need to move forward always with the Lord. It will be cool working with him in this work now. We also went to the cemetery this week with a few of the members. This week we had the day of the dead and usually everyone goes to see those who passed away and it was really amazing to me to see all these people coming. It made my heart a little sad that all these people don't know if they will ever see them again. I was praying for the people that would pass me or the people around about me that I got glimpses of. We went to one of our dear members who just passed away recently and as we stood there. It hit me hard. I was over taken by the fact that some of the people that I loved in my life were gone too, it struck me to realize what I could of done more, or how I could of been there for them more. But it stopped and hope came parading in. All of a sudden a huge amount of love was felt and my heart began to soar. God was speaking to me. My loved ones, like angels surrounded me in that moment. I felt this utter peace and I knew that there was no goodbyes. There was only this pause and even now I could feel them, even now I could have them apart of my life, that heaven wasn't too far away. This week I got dad's letter with the book that had a description and story about Grandpa Cuthbert. I was moved and touched by his story and his work for this gospel and his family. I felt even if I never knew him we were alike and on the same path to spread the good news. I knew he would be proud of us as a family and I felt him smile down and I knew he was saying hello. I love this gospel and the ultimate gift that Heavenly Father gave us. His son Jesus Christ is the one who gave us the opportunity to never have to say goodbye. That we may always be close to our loved ones and forever. I feel we have angels around us and us as people can be angels to others as well.

I feel like this week has been really good. I have seen new ways to be better and grow and I found out that every individual has something beautiful about themselves. They have a uniqueness that cannot be denied and cannot be judged. We must accept people and love them for who they are. We must embrace individuality and respect the goodness in each person. We must understand everyone and anyone is worth it. That they are something real and something big in so many ways and they need you more than anyone to show them, to show and prove to themselves that they are something. I feel like it is our job to show this love of God and be an instrument for each other. To show them they deserve just as much as anyone else. We place and plant our love into other's lives. We set a mark, tie a string into the destiny of others. God has already stung us together it's just us holding on with our eyes closed and taking that step of faith to know that we can see, but we can only see through God's love and giving it to all about us. Sometimes a lot of our good deeds go unnoticed and sometimes we won't get the applause or the "good job" that we deserve. But I am telling you now like the footprints in the sand you don't see who made them but you know someone had been there. Just because you didn't see who actually made them doesn't mean somebody wasn't there. God's thumb print is on this earth. Just because we can't see him doesn't mean he didn't leave his mark, his beauty in this earth. The people, the scenery, the trees, the animals. They are proof enough for me. And to God you are a proof enough to him. You are doing something big.

Halloween was great and we found a gas station open as we were contacting. We ate candy like kings and God put one of our investigators in our path and we got to teach and commit them. All around I feel good and the work and about my dear companion. We are really kicking it and trying to figure out how and what the Lord wants us to do. I am excited to see how this story unfolds. I love you all family. Have a good week.

Sre─Źno, rada vas imam.

Love- Sestra Cuthbert

Sestra Dutton and Holly within the Castle Walls

Celje Missionaries - Dutton, Cuthbert, Lyman, Davis

Looking out towards Celje

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