Monday, November 10, 2014

Week 67 / Vsemu smo kos

Slovenia Zone
Dear Family,

I found this cool saying, "Vsemu smo kos." Which means with everything and anything we can conquer it together. We can overcome everything and not fear anymore if we are together. That good or bad we can make it through. That everything will be okay...Together. I know this to be true, I really know that with us all together working in love it all works in the power of God. I realize together we really can conquer anything. We can grow and learn together and begin to understand we can work together to gather our courage and face our fears with warm hearts ad grasping hands. Life is beautiful and it is even more beautiful with the people that are in it.

Sestra Dutton and I went to a recent converts house this week and we were going to teach her a particular lesson. We prepared an awesome lesson and headed out to go see her. We knocked on the door and found out her sister was over and didn't know a thing about our church. Sister Dutton and I looked at each other and felt like we needed to change our lesson. We went with the Spirit and asked questions to figure out more about her sister. We fell under the impression we needed to teach the restoration, so I began the lesson and as I was coming around to Joseph Smith's story my words stopped and I knew this was a "golden" time. I looked at my sweet goldie -Sister Dutton and she began to tell the story of Joseph Smith. The Spirit was strong and as Sestra Dutton gave the commitment of reading the Book of Mormon and to pray with a sincere heart, the Spirit warmed the room. It was definitely a cool experience to see Sister Dutton on top of things and already coming so far. The sister wanted to learn more. She wanted to understand and read the Book of Mormon. She said, ''why would Jesus just stick in Jerusalem, of course he would go to different parts of the world. Including America.'' Sister Dutton and I were so impressed with the ready willingness to learn and be taught.

We made it to church this week earlier to set up things and to welcome in the members. As soon as it was starting to get to the time to begin we sat in our seats. As soon as we did I felt an impression to go outside. I turned around and there was one of our investigators who said they would come to church for the first time. He walked in and sat down and we were praying so hard for him and hoping he would feel something or get some answer to his questions. At the end of the service I was asked to pray and I got up hoping that I could muster something to help my friend and ask Heavenly Father for the right things and blessings. I began to pray and I was really trying to search for what to say and to teach through my prayer. It was simple but with my whole heart. I knew that this prayer was dedicated to my investigator and I hope he felt that.

I feel like we have been really blessed this week to meet and talk to people of all sorts and I have been able to develop a more deeper relationship with my fellow men. I have realized we need to keep praying for our loved ones and the ones that hurt us. We need to love and give Christ-like love to everyone and forgive everyone. There is something about forgiving and letting things go and letting it be the Lord's will and not your own. There is a real peace. I know this to be true. I love you all and I am thankful for your prayers. Hope you are well.

Love to you.
Sister Cuthbert

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