Monday, November 17, 2014

Week 68 / Finally, Slovene

Howdy, Howdy,

This week has been really good. I have loved the opportunity to go on exchanges with Sister Brown in Ljubljana. It was nice to be able to go back and touch base with members and friends. We had to go to the hospital to get some paper work for Sister Brown and I was left to be in the waiting room with mounds of people and nurses strolling back and forth in the hall. I sat there in the waiting room and began to pray to know who I needed to talk to. As I gazed up I saw a woman and man sitting a far way off. I was magnetized to them and felt prompted to say hello. I walked by and began to ask their names and try to make a conversation with them but right as I was Sister Brown came whisking by and needed me to go into a biologist room to figure out some testing they were doing for her. I went in a smaller room and I began to talk to the biologist who was in there. As soon as we were done with that test we went back out to the waiting room. I looked to see if the couple was still there and they were gone. I looked to the exit and saw them about to get into the elevator. I started to run for them and made it over to them before they got in. I stopped them and they were looking up at me and gleaming with curiosity what I was trying to do. I told them that I had a strong feeling, a warmth to come and talk to them. They looked at me and then at each other. They said they felt the same way. I began to talk to them about who I was and that I was representing the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. They were from Bosnia and we were conversing half Slovene and half Bosnian. It was incredible to feel such a sweet spirit as I was testifying of truth and I knew that God was reaching out to His beloved children in that moment.

I really love contacting. Can I just say? I really love it. Especially when there are buses... I don't know why but riding on buses and starting up conversations on them gets me pumped. In Ljubljana you are riding them quite a bit, so I was right at home. I had really great experiences with talking to people and bearing my testimony a ton. I feel like if I am not bearing my testimony daily I don't feel as fulfilled. It is really the best to speak to the people here and know what we are saying is the truth and hope and peace fills my heart every time.

Getting back to my area and being back with Sister Dutton was really great. I missed her a ton. We got back to work and nothing was really hitting a home run and contacting wasn't really flowing. We were tired of people saying no and we were about to go inside to our apartment to do some planning when both of us just stopped at the door and then just turned around and started walking. We had no idea what we were doing or where we were going but we felt that we were doing what was right. Next thing we knew we were on the other side of town. Nobody was catching our attention and there wasn't really a lot of people around. We began to pray that we would find our purpose and what God needed us to do. We kept walking and all of a sudden the spirit told me to go back now to where we came from... Where I came from... I was confused wondering if that was just my head and perhaps my stomach saying it wanted to eat. We prayed again and again the prompting kept strong. We turned around and began to walk and from across the street we saw someone that we had been trying to get in touch with for sometime. He was waving us down and we quickly headed over to him. We talked and then we started walking again and then again... We ran into someone else. One of our awesome members. She asked us if we realized where we were. I said yes... I believe so. She asked the question again and then implied my cousin lives right here in this house you two should go talk to her. We got a referral! It was great to see all the little miracles happening. We were so blessed that night and this week.

Yesterday there was suppose to be a certain speaker from the presidency in Slovenija but they didn't show. We had loads of time left and the district president got up and excused the speaker and said instead we will have the missionaries come up and share with us their own thoughts and testimony starting first with Sister Cuthbert. I walked up and was happy to be able to share my testimony of my dear Savior and that through him we are something so much more. That we can have so many opportunities to become who we really are. That endings don't exist and there is only hellos because of Him. I felt good speaking and sharing my love for the members and my Savior. It was nice to not really have to think about if I was casing right or if  I was saying things correctly. It flowed and I told exactly what my heart was wanting to say. I really love that I am becoming more than I thought I ever could be. This Gospel gives me courage to be me and helps me give courage to others for them to be themselves and there is such hope in that. That we can be us... and it's good. We can be who God made us to be and we can know and do it now.

I love you all so much and am happy to say I love being a missionary. I truly wouldn't want it any other way. I am happy and grateful to serve my Heavenly Father and to be placed here in Slovenija at this given time. I am grateful for all that my family and friends have done specifically for me to help get me to where I am. For being my heart-fixers and giving me the courage to fight for what I love. I love you. Have a great week!


Sestra Cuthbert

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