Monday, November 24, 2014

Week 69 / The Fall of Icarus

Dear Family,

Sunday was very beautiful yesterday. We had a lot of people show up and everyone was giving warm greetings. We hit above our average of most people at church this last week. It was really the best to see so many faces and smiles. The talks went well and everyone stayed after. I really felt at peace staying in Celje. I really want to keep working hard and making sure I am doing everything I can for these members here. I have been thinking a lot about what will happen in the next few weeks. I know it is going to be rockin'.

We have been bumping into one of our dear friends a lot lately and it seems that he is getting more opened and prepared every time we see him. His mother is a wonderful member of the church and in their home is the strongest feeling of readiness. I really love working with them and speaking to them and really just loving them. I have been drawing a lot more and I have forgotten how much I miss it. I have been making my own pass a long cards and things to give away and it has just more meaning when I am handing them out. For English class we felt inspired to talk about how we use the Book of Mormon and how it has answered questions in our lives. I love the Book of Mormon... I love it so much. Usually when I am introducing the BOM to someone I open the blank page in front and say... If you look here, I believe it has your name written in it. Of course there is nothing there, but I really believe the blank page in front should have written, ''For you.'' The BOM is people asking questions and God answering them. I know the BOM is God's word. I know that from it I have found answers that I could never find any other way. I know that this is God's love... It is proof of Him talking to man, but not only 'just' man, but to me.

We got the "calls" this week that I will be training again in the same designated area of Celje. I really love Sister Dutton and will miss her a lot. She simply is the best. Sister Dutton and I are getting into the habit of me catching her in my arms. She runs and jumps at me and I try to catch balance while I spin her around. She tries to pick me up, but I am super stubborn. I love Sister Dutton a lot. She has changed and made a difference in everyone's life here in Celje. I really have seen her growth and her work blossom over the past few weeks. We are starting many new things here in the mission and trying to be more prepared and organized so none of the Lord's sheep will get lost. It's been really refreshing and good to dig around deeper in finding old friends or potentials to go visit and catch up on. The lights are coming up in Celje. The mounds of trees are being carried in 2 by 2 and the place is looking glorious. I am getting really excited for Christmas and the Savior's birth. I am happy to focus on the Savior and find the love that is in the hearts of these people that is ready to be opened. I am excited to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas! I am happy for this gospel. I am happy to be getting to meet the new missionaries this week. I am ready to learn a lot from my new companion and have her bring Goldie powers to Celje. I love you all and am thankful for each day I get to spend out here as the Lord's servant. My desire is I just want what God wants no matter where I go or stay. So I will be staying and making the best out of this very last transfer.

Have you ever heard of Icarus? He is from a Greek story where he receives wax wings so he can fly. His father tells him he can fly but not to get to close to the sun or else his wings will melt and so Icarus flies, but one day he doesn't let the boundaries hold him and he begins to fly to the sun despite what his father tells him and his wings melt and he falls. I went into a building the other day and saw a statue with him. It said on the plaque, ''If he did not succeed at least he fell in daring splendor.'' I loved it. I loved the fact that we as humans fall. We as people try, try, and try again. I love that we are not golden, we are not perfect... We don't always add up... Because we are simply human and our wings are made out of wax. And the closer we get to the sun, the closer we get to our Savior Jesus Christ, and the more reason the world tells us and wants us to fall. Don't let them say you can't fly, that you need to stay close to the ground. You can reach the sun, you can reach up on high. If you have trust in the Lord and love your God with all your heart. The world will see you and turn you away. But, God won't, God believes in you and your 'fall' to the world will be the daring splendor to your Loving Heavenly Father.

Have a good one,
All My Love-
Sestra Cuthbert

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