Monday, December 8, 2014

Week 71 / The Best District Ever!

Dear Family,

The thick rain has been painting the streets this past week. The storms create a blurry image with dark hues and midnight blacks as we go walking through the darkened streets. The lamp posts shine like gold and our ears take in the music that the sky is crying. We were heading to a potential farther out of town. Sestra Dutton and I had been looking in old potential lists from a few years back and stumbled upon a name. I kept it in the to-do list but after weeks had passed and the to-do list had a never ending story. We never made it over to see him. This week, a space opened where we were not quite sure what to do. My mind went back to the potential that had been found so long ago and we decided to make our way to his apartment. We made it to an area that looked like it could be the guy's house. We made it up and realized we were a little off and began to walk off towards the front of the apartments where there is set of stairs and a ramp for wheel chairs. I wasn't really paying attention and began to make my steps quick to make it over to the next apartment.The floors were glistening wet and I began to take notice of the world and it's spin and next thing I knew I slipped and hit my back against a corner and I was on the ground. I got up from off my back quickly because there was a strong pain on my tail bone. I admit, I was yelling, ''My Butt!'' I got up and realized my hands were all bloody and bleeding. I took a moment and was kind of just laughing at my walk because in two-seconds I became a grandma looking person. I couldn't walk right without feeling pain shoot up from my back. Sestra Nydegger and I talked and she asked if  I needed to go home. But I was not about to go home! I felt strongly that we needed to at least try and meet with this old investigator, that had somehow got lost. We began to walk down (me, still looking like an old lady) and found the correct address. The apartment building was a huge complex with many floors. We began our search, knocking on doors. It was beginning to get later and my prayers were becoming more fervent. We decided to try one more floor and the first door we knocked on there was a double door lock. We rang the buzzer and a woman came out. We asked if she knew the person we were looking for, she immediately began to smile and told us to wait one moment. All of a sudden a young man walked out and was looking at us in bewilderment. I was also looking at him in bewilderment it struck me like a lightning bolt that he was someone I knew before. We explained who we were and asked if he had talked with us before. He told us that our church is beautiful and has evolved incredibly. We got his number and we all planned to meet up once again. We walked outside and on to home in victory. I gazed at the sky and I couldn't see a thing, but I knew God was watching over us and helped us have a beautiful miracle that night.

Guess What? I tried it. I tried the beast. I tried a Jufka (as far as I can tell, a Jufka is meat, peppers and other stuff rolled in Filo Dough). You pass by those spinning cones of meat everyday and it kind of gets you thinking. Ya know? Yep, I liked it. I really enjoyed it. Maybe, I felt like I was going to have a heart attack, but it was still good. Sister Nydegger says I eat like one of the most healthiest person's she knows. Which is weird, right? Because I never thought it would come to this.... But it is! The Elders are trying to get me to eat meat at every chance they have. We went to this pizza place and they just hand over the pepperoni and say I need my protein. So, the elders are keeping me in check with that. Our little district in Celje is really close and it's good we can trust in each other and boost each other up. I noticed that working together with finding and being able to rely on each other has boosted the missionary work here in Celje. We have been talking to people a lot in center lately and making progress with members and non-members families alike. When we work together, miracles can happen.

The streets are filled with little markets on the cobblestones and the lights are eye-grabbing and breath catching. Everything just puts my heart in wonder at this time of year. We have met with a family and they are all lovely individuals. We got to sit down and talk about them and religion. It was good to be in a family setting and how much you can tell they care for each other. The atmosphere has a really good feeling. You don't really see close families like that here, so when I do I am magnetized to them. I think we in Gospel are so lucky to have families, and friends that support and love each other. I would literally give the world to these people and my families.

As one of our group finding activities we gave out free hot chocolate and brownies in front of the church. We had one of our investigators there who was being the best non-member missionary here. He was asking people to come over to our church and talk to us and he did it the whole night with us. It was great and I loved being able to spend time with one of the members who just got back from his mission. He is the raddest guy ever. We are blessed with strong members here and we just need to keep working together to keep building this church up. Heavenly Father knows His children and the children here in Slovenija. I feel and know of his love and here in the love of Christ I stand. Our testimony meeting was incredible yesterday. I felt a real spirit there. One member, who is actually from England talked about being good examples. I loved it. It is easy to be blinded by darkness or feel guilty from the world telling you not to be who you truly are. But, when we are here to be our very selves and if you are then the people will look to us and they will want to be like us. People don't want to change their lives sometimes because we aren't either. It helps to be an example. We help each other realize we can do something more, because others see our happiness in this gospel. We have such an influence on each others lives. We do matter to each other and we need to prove it. When Lehi was dreaming of the tree of life and he partook of the fruit, he desired his family to come and join him as well, he looked around to try and find his family and in that moment he saw the rest of the world. We are all a family and we must help each other partake of this wonderful gift of this gospel. The rest of the world needs us, we are all brothers and sisters. I thought it was cool because even if you are a member or not you can feel that this gospel has something, it has this ultimate joy and we need to help each other feel that way, especially this Christmas.

 Love you family, I hope you get my letter soon.

All my love - Sestra Cuthbert

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