Monday, January 5, 2015

Week 75 / A Blanket of Snow

Dear Gracious Family,

Many thoughts have been dancing around in my head lately... First off...A lot was focused on finding new people this week. We spent many hours contacting and tracking. We went far and beyond to try to reach someones heart and as we spoke to all those around us in the streets my heart was filled with purpose and love for those who wondered onto our paths. I have prayed a lot this week for more love, patience, and for the Lord's will. For only in Him we receive the miracles. My eyes have become softened to the Lord's tender mercies here in Slovenija. I have seen that through our actions, through our words, and through our hearts we can speak of God's loving message to the world and become apart of God's loving arms to reach out to His children.

For New Year's Eve, we went to a member's house and he fed us a 6-course meal. My stomach grew a large amount that day, but it was a nice way of starting off the new year with plenty of Slovenian food in our bellies.

We walked to a member's house on Thursday. She lives pretty far out, over small mountains and behind the castle where dizzy roads loose their directions and maps even become lost in unmarked paths. We got on our snow boots and big coats to set out for the day and as we walked outside the air was sweet with winter. It was actually a really beautiful sight. The sky was majorly blue. We began to walk and as we got into a valley where not many houses stood, but many trees had grown... I could of sworn we were completely alone and as I turned around to look at the view- I stopped, I gazed, and I listened.  I felt one with the earth. Snow had just fallen the night before and I too wanted to lie down with it. To let the snow hold me as a blanket and let the sky become my dreams. I like those moments when the peace in those quiet times comes humming in. Where you seem to look at the world at eye level. Never above it, but with it. It puts things into perspective when the snow covers everything in white and paints the ground with it's clarity. It helps you see farther, more clearer. You feel the earth breath and you recognize in awe how surreal it all is...Your mind for those meager moments realizes that all the heartache, all the joy, all situations are good and were made for you. And there is just peace. If you ever go to Slovenija you will be amazed by the sunsets and sunrises here. God has ways of touching the world with his colors. The peace and love you feel for this world is incredible and sunrises really feel like it is God opening His eyes.

A member and I were discussing about the ending of missions. We talked about how I felt and what did I get from my mission? We talked about how some missionaries who didn't get much success in baptizing could be a little saddened. Maybe they would say to Heavenly Father, '' I got nothing Father...'' And Heavenly Father would look to them and say.'' Now, wait a minute. Look at yourself. Your experiences, everything you have done has changed you. You are not the same person you were, the people around you are not the same as they were.'' I have been praying a lot for God's will. It's only through Him we can receive anything. I know that if we look to him and show Him our desires he will grant us fully. I know that the Lord's time is the time we need to always be trying to become in sync with. We all have a divine purpose that is working on God's time. We all have a major influence and all have a individual path to help intertwine it with others to help build something far more greater than what we can imagine. I know the success is only through the peace and love I feel at the end of the day knowing I helped someone, that God lended His loving spirit and touched the lives around me. I don't think at the end of our days, especially on our missions we should be down. The successes are here, the miracles are already here, God is not changing. It is but us changing to understand and finally see those miracles are here.

I am excited to see the miracles ahead this coming week, talk to you all next week!

Sister Cuthbert

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